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Please note: if you plan to order any gluten free foods from our menu, it is required to call us and let us know 24 hours before your booking.

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Pinsa is not a simple alternative version of pizza, as many might mistakenly think.

“Pinsa is not pizza”

Pinsa Romana and its evolution

The mix of unrefined stone-ground flours and the slow natural leavening of the dough (it can take up to 72 hours), as the ancients did, combined with the right temperatures of the refrigerators with the lack of artificial yeast will create a floury, light and tasty, frothy centre with a crisp, crunchy crust. The Pinsa dough is composed of a mix of wheat flour, rice, soy combined using a very high percentage of water (80% hydration).

These characteristics make the pinsa easily digestible. Flours and condiments such as high quality meats and cheeses come from different Italian regions.

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